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Health and Vitality Parlor

Tenseness and relaxation

Cold and hot. Enjoy soothing massages and revitalizing treatments. Relax, unwind, restore your energies and regain your strength. Our Health & Vitality Parlor offers everything you need for ultimate rest and recreation!
Tyrolean Sauna
Also known as traditional Finnish sauna at a temperature of about 90°C/195°F, this sweating treatment helps to purify and decontaminate the skin and the entire body. 

Aroma Crystal Sauna
A milder version of the Finnish sauna at only 55-60°C/~135°F, the Aroma Crystal Sauna comes with smooth lighting and fragrant aromas such as hay flowers or rose petals. A perfect way to stimulate the blood circulation in a very careful way. 

Steam Bath
A sweating treatment in the steam bath has purifying effects on the body, skin and respiratory system. Temperatures of approximately 45°C/113°F stimulate the body's blood circulation. 

Infrared Sauna
The perfect combination of warming infrared radiation and stimulating colours is applied for the treatment of several medical conditions, i.e. back pain, tensions, low metabolic rate, weak immune system etc.